Clinical case of catatonic stupor developed as a result of acute respiratory disease COVID-19


  • М Komarovskyi Starokostiantyniv Military Hospital
  • R Mykytenko
  • Kh Onofreichuk
  • O Hryshchenkova
  • A Podhorna
  • O Kosolapov
  • P Zolotarov



mental disorders, clinical case, post-infectious catatonia, COVID-19


The aim of this work is to demonstrate and analyze a clinical case of catatonic stupor as a consequence of the complex effect of the infectious process, namely systemic inflammation and direct neurotoxicity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on the nervous system. A retrospective analysis of outpatient and inpatient medical records was performed. . Analysis of clinical case proves the possibility of catatonic syndrome due to acute respiratory disease COVID-19. 2. Given that catatonia is an urgent condition, it is necessary to be vigilant about its occurrence


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Komarovskyi . М., Mykytenko, R., Onofreichuk, K., Hryshchenkova, O., Podhorna, A., Kosolapov, O., & Zolotarov, P. (2021). Clinical case of catatonic stupor developed as a result of acute respiratory disease COVID-19. Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal, 4(1).