On Solving the Problem of Mental Health Care with the Social Work Input

  • Liliya Klos
Keywords: mentally disabled; social problem; social change; social work; destigmatization; social work education; social inclusion


In difficult conditions of the external military aggression and aggravated internal political and social problems in Ukraine, the level of mental health disorders is growing, thus encouraging social change. Purpose. The study aims to identify possibilities and ways of bringing in social work in solving the problem of mental health care in Ukraine. Design/Methodology Approach. Theoretical research methods were used to find out opinions of experts, including persons with mental illness, on the challenges and needs of the mentally disabled in Ukraine. Qualitative content analysis of the narrative interviews with clients of the social organization and expert interviews was done to identify opportunities for involving social workers by the example of Lviv. Results. The study reveals the retrospective and explores the current state of addressing the problem of mental health care in Ukraine. It offers the problem solution based on attracting social work. Limitations and strengths of the study. The difficult times Ukraine is going through complicate the introduction of innovations in the social sphere, health care and education. This, however, stimulates change to improve its citizens’ well-being and health. Practical/Social Value. The initiative to train social workers for professional activity in mental health care supports the population health improvement. Originality/Conclusions. The findings show the need for the social work input in mental health care in Ukraine. The social work education is addressing the need, also involving a community health clinic