Infant and Parent Mental Health: developmental trajectory as a communal concern

Developmental trajectory as a communal concern

  • Itskovich Galina
Keywords: infant; parent; mental health; floortime


This article covers recent research in the field in the context of lifelong growth and mastering developmental milestones. It denotes intrinsic connection between parental and child’s psychological well being, including patterns of early attachment. There is also well documented connection between deviations in early attachment and consequent adult functioning. “The bigger picture” approach based on the DIR method is proposed as one of the crucial components of mitigating early trauma. It includes comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnosis, parent education and play interventions based on immediate interests, needs and resources of the family. It targets all areas of development and builds foundation for the emergence and maintenance of healthy attachment. Other successful approaches, implications for clinical work and social organization of early intervention services are also discussed.